You may download and print the Registration Form prior to attending classes.  Please fill out all required information and bring it with you on your first visit.  This will help speed up the registration process. Please review the requirements below.  Registration assumes you have read and agree to the requirements below.

Attire Requirements

SHOES:  STREET SHOES ARE NEVER ALLOWED IN DANCE ROOMS.  PLEASE REMOVE PRIOR TO ENTERING DANCE CLASS.  Depending on the recital dance teachers my change the style and/or color of the shoe. This will be discussed before January.

HAIR:  For all classes–Hair needs to be up and away from the face.  Hair must be in a bun for all Ballet classes ages 5+.  (Hair that is shorter than chin length must still be pulled back away from face).

Baby & Me, Tiny Toes, & Slashy Classes:  May wear any color leotard or skirt and must have pink, black, or suntan tights.   Girls are to wear pink Ballet shoes and boys are to wear black Ballet shoes.  Black Tap shoes of any style may be worn for Tap class.  Black or Caramel colored slip on Jazz shoes are to be worn for Jazz class.

Ballet, Ballet Company, Ballet Tech, & Pointe:  Black leotard and pink tights (strictly enforced).  Dancers under the age of 9 may wear an optional skirt and any color leotard.  Please stay away from wearing any undergarments.  Pink Ballet shoes are required (Canvas or Leather Only).  Pointe and Ballet shoes are required for Pointe.  Hair Must be in a bun.

Contemporary, Lyrical & Modern/Improv: Leotard, tights (optional), and black skirt or black dance shorts (optional) must be worn.  Shoes depend on the teacher, so please ask.

Jazz, Tap, Musical Theater & Flex/Tech: Any proper dance attire.  May wear tight tank and jazz capris or shorts. Shoes also depend on teacher, so please ask!

Tumble: Black leotard and black dance shorts (optional) must be worn. Shoes are not required.  We tumble barefoot.

Hip-Hop:  Comfortable dance attire.  Please wear either capris or shorts that are past the knee.  There is alot of floor work.  Black dance sneakers must be worn. NO JEANS.

Zumba:  Comfortable dance attire or work-out clothing allowed.  NO STREET SHOES ALLOWED.  Please wear “inside only” dance sneakers or gym shoes.   For those in Zumba, you will  want to bring a hand towel and water.


Dance level restrictions

All levels: Anyone in that age group may take.
Beginner:  Up to four years of experience in the class enrolled.
Intermediate: Four to Six years of experience in the class enrolled.
Advanced:  More than Seven years of experience with teacher /director consent.


Attendance Rules

Dancers who miss more than 8 classes will not be permitted to perform in the annual recital. Attendance is important to the dancer and his/ her classmates.  Competition team and Ballet Company dancers are not allowed to miss more than four classes to compete/perform.